Male V neck sweater trouble

You’re correct. Okay so do I cast on another stitch using my working yarn that’s connected to the sweater? And cast on one more stitch as normal

If you’re at the initial cast on, yes, just add on another. If you’re doing ribbing, you can increase immediately after you finish the rib and on the initial row of the body. If you’re in the middle of the sweater, just increase one stitch using a M1 for example or whatever increase you prefer (you can do this at the side of the sweater about where the front and back meet).

So I’m still stuck. Here’s the math I come up with when I follow her instructions.

Back width: CO sts/2
I’ve casted on 136 sts so my back width would be 68 sts.

Shoulder width: shoulder width measurement x stitch gauge.
My shoulder width is 20" and my stitch gauge is 4 sts per inch. So 20x4= 80sts

Then she instructs to subtract the number of back width sts from the shoulder width stitches

68-80…? I’m confused.

Are you working this sweater in the round? 136sts at 4sts/inch is 34 inches around the chest.
What is the actual chest measurement?
Are you measuring the shoulders around or just across the back?

Yep. See how I’m confused? I’m knitting in the round. Maybe watch the armhole video too? Maybe I’m missing something?

My chest measurement is 33.5 inches

And how are you measuring the shoulders?

I just measured them straight across the back. From shoulder blade to shoulder blade.

You might measure a sweater that you have that has a comfortable fit and see if you can work with those measurements.

If not, it doesn’t seem that Paula Ward’s system is going to work for this kind of sweater. You might try to get the Ann Budd book of sweater design which gives directions for a drop shoulder sweater. Since there isn’t armhole shaping in that design, you may be able to make that work.

or this one

My public library has the first and it’s a very clear layout. You might want to see if you can borrow a copy from your library before buying it however.

Great idea. I’m agitated because I was so excited about this pattern…and I can’t seem to find an email for Paula ward to contact her directly…

Here’s her page on Ravelry (free to join).
You can message her in the upper left.
Good luck with your project!

Hey guys just wanted to let you know I finally finished this project!!! Here are some pics. Co workers and friends were shocked once they realized I had finished it. They said they had no idea that it had been the one I was working on!

Very nice!!

thank you!!! Thank you guys for all of you’re help!!!

Oh, good for you for persevering with this sweater. It’s worked out so well. Beautiful work and all your own. Well done!