Male knitters

are there any more male knitters on this site…or in Northers California

There’s several, though I don’t think they’re in N Cal. Mason, Mmario, Contiknitter, Rohrshach and a couple others.

Paul - there are a number of us around - not sure where we are located -

another site you might want to check if you are seeking Men who knit - (oddly enough)

I’m both a male knitter and live in northern california, but I live in chico which is still quite a way from arcata though.

ContiKnitter is a male? I never knew! :oops:

Yep, there are a few of us on the site.

Yup, sure am! There are a bunch of us on this site.

I am also a male knitter. From Hyannis Massachusetts out on Cape Cod. Would love to meet any male knitters from anywhere!!!

My mum has a house in Sandwich, we go visit her every summer and I never see any knitters!!! What yarn shops do you go to? The only one I’ve been to is Lady Bug on 6A in Yarmouth

Another male knitter here, from Australia. There’s nothin quite like downing a cold one while knitting away! (kidding) I had an idea to make a series of somewhat comical video tutorials to put on youtube — “Knitting for BLOKES” :slight_smile:

Kidding? What for? I’ve often been known to have a beverage of my choice in the evening. Sometimes I happen to be knitting at the same time… :cool:

Hehe…well ya gotta be careful, too much booze and the knitting suffers. Also, don’t wanna end up having to go to AKA Meetings (Alcoholic Knitters Anonymous) hehe :smiley:

Another guy who knits and crochets here in the San Francisco bay area. I am really enjoying doing cable knitting these days, and even though a glass of good wine along with the Aran Sweater I’m knitting sounds good … I can’t imagine that interesting directions those cables would take!

I am a male knitter (if you cannot tell by my name)
I can knit, crochet, sew, and even tat (not the best tatter there ever was… I prefer working with yarn and needles… or hooks)
But I live in Utah (where I just graduated from High school) and I really just love knitting. It’s perfect for me, I can make the best gifts EVER, AND I really feel smart when I am able to do all the math it takes to design a sweater that actually looks the way it is supposed to.

I know some of us are there already - but want to make those with ‘Y’ choromsome aware of Men Who Knit.

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Just thought I’d add my name to the list of male knitters.

I’m a man and I crochet and I knit. I did embrodery in the 70 to patch my blue-jeans. I haven’t done that since. My DW has trouble convincing her co-workers that the pretty scarf she wears was made by me. :roll: I guess I dare not let them know of the doilies I can make. :roflhard:

I live in North Carolina but grew up in western PA. The irony with that is I wear more sweaters now that I live in the south.

I like to create with my hands. I would do pottery, ceramics, or wood working, but yarn work has cheaper tools and usually requires less space. :wink: