Male Knitters Advise Needed (women welcome too)

Let’s say that you are a die hard fan for your favorite NFL team. You recently learned that your co-worker can knit fabulous items and immediately request a scarf and/or hat & other any other accessories in your favorite team colors.

What scarf pattern (including both colors) would be most desirable to wear while tailgating with friends in the cold? Any other patterns for hats or mittens that you would actually wear and be warm?

Where would you shop to get the yarn in the right color? A variation of the color won’t go well with a sea of fans in matching colors.

Thanks so much!

I would use the striped Harry Potter scarf pattern from Atypically Knit.

It’s done in the round, so it’s cushy and cozy. I would order online from somebody with a good return policy. I would probably look for Cascade 220 superwash yarn. Or apparently, the new Vanna White worsted yarn is acrylic, but nice, with good colors.

Which team are we talking about?

I assume this is for a man so I’d say something like the HP scarf link posted by Sara, or you could just do a mostly solid scarf/hat with a stripe or two of the other color on the ends. If you do fringe you could use both colors.

As for yarn…you live in NY so wool or other warm fiber would probably be the best.

I would do an intarsia scarf with the team’s logo at both ends. That, I would wear.

Perfect idea! I’ve been wondering what to get one of my friends. He’s a HUGE Cleveland Browns fan and I know he doesn’t have a Browns scarf. I’d probably do mostly brown with some orange stripes at the ends (or maybe 2 orange stripes and 1 white stripe at each end). The Browns really don’t have a logo. Brown hat, orange brim or stripes.

I live in Steeler land, and would only attempt the Steeler logo for very special friends who were die-hard fans. Too many triangles and different colors. But I would do a black and gold scarf/hat combo.

Edited to add: my LYS has a whole section of black and gold yarns just for Steelers’ projects. Right as you walk in the door, too! I’d probably start with a washable wool for the scarf and hat for a guy.

This is for a Chicago Bears fan. I love the idea of knitting it in the round! The color changes won’t show then on the WS. I hate to ask this question but I’m not a big HP fan, any pictures available of the finished product?

I think we just came up with a new marketing idea for knitting designers. Patterns of all sorts for your favorite sports team! People would definitely pay for that! (I know I would)

Go Steelers!!!

The first project that came to mind was a hat with attached ear covers – perhaps a blue hat with the orange insignia.

I used this program a while back for a logo:

Perhaps it can help you knit the “C”

The Browns logo is the orange football helmet.

Sorry to hear you live in Steeler land :doh:

lol :wink:

Here’s my two finished HP scarves. I did what is called the Prisoner of Azkaban scarf (a repeating trapped bar color pattern).

I just tried the site but they’re having server problems. I’ll try again later.

I think I’ll try knitting in the round using the HP stripe pattern and then adding a big C on each end. Main color in blue with orange as the stripes and C. What do you think?

I normally just use what someone else has written, I NEVER write my own patterns. How boring am I?!?!

Here ya go :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to do the text and logo in instarsia, this should at least give you a good idea on the stripes.

Also, I think they’re throwback uniforms are just blue and orange stripes (kinda like a refs jersey) so you could just do a blue and orange scarf with even stripes.

I’m going to knit a Fauxhawk hat with the Green Bay “G” like the helmets. The hawk part will be green and white. Hopefully it will look as close to the helmet as a fauxhawk can … LOL

I’m making them to wear to the Green Bay at Dallas game the week after Thanksgiving. When my BIL found out, he asked for a Dallas one as well.

I’m very excited about them… will post pictures once I start.

I like it but I want it to look special and homemade. $22 for a scarf?!?!?! The yarn is probably going to cost more than that! Ugh - so frustrating!

Thanks for sharing though - I like the white stripe in the middle. I hadn’t thought about adding that but it looks very cool.

We should start a NFL knit-along!

Yeah, I didn’t mean buy it, just steal the design :smiley:

And color-coordinated yarns? I’d have a fit over Braves patterns & yarns!! :woohoo:

I’ve gotten 2 cheifs scarves and hats done and have 6 more different teams to go. I took the easy way out on one of them and just knit lengthwise, double stranded in the two main colors. No color changes and no knitting in the round. Next up is the Browns for my nephew… I always tease him and call them the oranges… :wink:

I agree 100%

I made a scarf for my dh… he goes all out for WVU… but if he wanted a Detroit Lions scarf… I’d replace the floating WV with the lion…