Male chemo patient knitted gift

A very good friend of ours has just been diagnosed with a leukemia type of blood disease and will be going through chemo and a bone marrow transplant soon. He’ll be in a bone marrow transplant facility for 60 days and then in rehab at home for several months, etc.
I know the chemo cap item but I was wondering since you all are so good with stuff like this what I can knit for him that would be masculine and something he’d be able to use while at the facility or at home recouping? I’m not entirely sure a chemo cap would be used. I need some ideas. Thanks!!!

Make the Chemo Cap! Does not have to be pink! Put a pom-pom on top and just make it fun. Another thought would be a blanket-light enought to carry - I have a great pattern for one crocheted with angels all over it - might be a bit much - but one would sure work - just to let him know you are ‘watching over him’.

Go for it!

Felted slippers.
A hat would be fine if he usually wears them.

My gut feeling is that a person with a life-threatening illness would rather get a “normal” gift that lets them know you care without reminding them that they’re sick every time they look at it.
I used to work with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and patients often said they wanted to live as normally as possible under the circumstances.

My Daddy (who passed away almost a year ago) had cancer. Through 2 years of radiation and chemo his hair got thicker (my uncle’s did as well!) He did stay cold a lot, however. My suggestion would be to go with an afghan or socks.

May God be with your friend!

Most of my patients that go through such things say all the drugs make them feel very cold. Maybe a fun pair of socks to show off to everyone and/or a lapghan to toss over his lap while sitting to read.