Malaury Pattern Problem

I am about to go on to the chart portion but I have a problem. The chart measures 41 stitches with two selvedge stitches on the end and I currently have 134 sts on my needles but it instructs me to decrease by three evenly at the for the first row but I have to start on the 6th st of the pattern. There is also a 20 st repeat in the pattern so in total there would be 63 per round including the selvedge sts.

However, when I try to see if I can complete the pattern from the 6th stitch fully including 3 decreases it doesn’t add up. Any help? I also assume it means the seveledge should be done only on the last st of the pattern.

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I’ve looked at this upside down and sideways and I don’t see how it works with 131sts. It might help to send a message to the company.

Thank you, I’ll send a message to them :slight_smile: I thought I was going mad after spending ages trying to figure out how to do it!!