I know that Malabrigo yarn has been much discussed here in the past. People talk about it’s softness, the excitement of finding it in a store, the colors, they post pictures…So you think I would have understood just how great this yarn is.

Malabrigo isn’t sold in my LYS. I’ve seen it once at another store out of the area I visited. I felt it, I thought “yeah, it’s soft.” But I wasn’t amazed by it. It felt like a lot of other soft yarns on the skein.

Then last August I was on a trip with some friends and found a small yarn store in Leavenworth, Washington. I wanted some souvenier yarn. Since I can’t buy it at home I ultimately picked one skein of Malabrigo. Purple Magic.

It felt soft but again I wasn’t freaking out about it.

Well yesterday I wound it into a ball and cast on for some Evangeline fingerless gloves. OH MY Goodness!! THIS YARN IS SOFT!! The softness of working with it is very different from feeling it on the skein. Next to skin soft. I am enchanted. I’m willing to knit it quite slowly just to enjoy it. I am picturing all kinds of things one could make with this yarn. I keep making my husband, who doesn’t get it at all, feel this yarn.

Now why didn’t anyone tell me before how fantastic this yarn is?

I was reading the reviews at Ravelry. Some say it pills, some say it gets really fuzzy. Any comments?

And has anyone made socks out of this???

Isn’t it amazing how different a yarn can feel on the skein vs. knitted up? I must not buy any of this yarn, though, even though I haven’t tried it and I really want to, because I’m doing the year of the stash this year. :slight_smile:

They wind the Mmmmmalabrigo skeins so tightly that it doesn’t do justice to the softness of the yarn. The proof is in the knitting, and boyohboyohboy. It’s such a pleasure to knit with that you want to knit slower to make it last.:teehee:

I haven’t done any huge projects with Malabrigo…just mitts, hats and scarves, but I ADORE how it knits up. There IS large variation between colors sometimes (e.g. I’ve knitted Velvet Grapes with mostly burgundy and dark pink and other skeins are burgundy and lavender, for example) so be aware of that and yes, a lot of people have mentioned pilling over time. So far, I haven’t experienced any pilling or anything adverse at all using Malabrigo other than a knot or two in the skein which isn’t so bad…it is just plain yummy.

You can often find good online sales of it too at various times during the year and Ravelry people sometimes have good deals on it if it’s in their stash and they want to get rid of it.

We’ll tell ya now. It’s SOFT!!! Love it! Take your time knitting so you can keep feeling it. It will spoil you!

It’s true that there is a lot of variatio with the colors. I have had six balls of Indiecito and two of them were almost alike!

I just had the same transforming experience! It’ incredible. My trouble is that I need two more skeins of the same color lot. I’m hoping but not hopeful.

Well, I’m glad to hear that because I found some in an LYS and was so excited when I saw the label!! I picked it up to fondle…and the experience was incredibly anticlimactic! I was amazed that so many people were swooning over this yarn. Glad it knits up softer than in the skein!