This may sound like an amateurish/stupid question, but what is it? I see people talking about it a lot here. Is it the same as Merino? I see the two names together a lot. Is a company name? Is it 100% wool? Is it a type of yarn in itself?

Pretty much all that I know for sure is that it is reeeeeally soft.

Malabrigo is 100% Merino wool, handspun, handpainted worsted yarn from Uruguay. Check out their site…the colorways are luscious. I just bought my first two hanks it is really really soft and yummy. Super squishy. I think they have a bulky weight now as well.

ETA–it’s pretty stinkin’ awesome stuff!

which leads me to another question: what is Merino wool? is it different from any other wool?

I want to say that Merino is a particular breed of sheep (bred to be softy soft) but I could be all wet about that.

Correctomundo! :thumbsup:

ETA: I mean, that it’s a breed, not that you’re all wet. :teehee:

u’re right. looked it up on Wikipedia:

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Yeah, merino is a breed of sheep. It is generally a much softer wool. Malabrigo is a wonderful, kettle dyed yarn. Gorgeous colours and a dream to knit with. It’s actually a good deal because you’re paying $10 - $12 for 210 yards of pure heaven. :teehee:

Also good to know…merino’s tend not to show cables well, but Malabrigo really holds up to cable knitting. I’m using it for my Urban Aran.

so is Malabrigo a brand or not? :??

(forgive me, i can be quite slow at times)

Click on HamaLee’s link to learn about the company. :wink:

Yes, Malabrigo is a brand. The one we all rave over is the Malabrigo Merino, but they have other wools, too.

You will feel guilty about spending that much money on sheep hair until you get it and feel it and then it is completely worth it. Especially if you got in on the 20% off thing a while ago, even if you really wanted one of the purples but they didn’t have enough and called you and you “settled” for beige." Not that I know from personal experience or anything. “My friend tells me” that it feels like a kitten loving you when you touch it for the first time.

is it always really expen$$$$ive? you see, I am used to Red Heart prices, but I am ready to move on. Malabrigo, however may be too big of a jump.

I don’t want to be a yarn snob! :teehee:


I bought some off the web, it turned out to be a completely different, rather hideous color than it looked, and I still would sit in the corner of the couch petting it sometimes, until I finally dyed it and knit it and gave it away.

(& my bf thinks I’m completely loopy of course.)

I have noticed that, at least on the Malabrigo site, the colors are not always accurate. For example, the burgandy is incredibly washed out and not even all that red on the website. It’s much lovelier in real life.

I didn’t mean to insult all of their colors…
that was the only ugly color of theirs I’ve ever seen.
(and I’m sure if you like that color, it’s also nice. :wink: )

The price for it really is not too terrible. $10-12 for one hank is accurate, and you get 200 yards. I spent $40-ish dollars for a KILOMETER of it. It sounds more frugal when I say I bought a kilometer of it. Anyway, it is considerably more expensive than red hart, but I think it is cheaper per yard than something like Paton SWS, which is craft store stuff.

I never thought of it that way before! :happydance:

I don’t know what that Paton stuff is, but i’m sure u’re right. :teehee:

is it always really expen$$$$ive? you see, I am used to Red Heart prices, but I am ready to move on. Malabrigo, however may be too big of a jump.

I don’t want to be a yarn snob! :teehee:[/quote]

Don’t worry about being a yarn snob. Red Heart has it’s place but MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMalabrigo is a completely different creature. Take the leap, it’s worth it. I don’t recommend getting it on line unless it’s on sale. I suggest you go to your LYS where you can see the colors in person and feeeeeeeeeeel it for yourself.

I think that the company should put this warning on the label. WARNING!! This product is highly addictive and may cause obsessive behavior, a strong desire to obtain more and a drainage of financial resources. :teehee:

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Nadja xxx