Malabrigo Yarn HELP!

See my beautiful Malabrigo yarn?

It is Malabrigo Silky Merino and the color is Indiectia. I started crocheting the scarf and I am really not happy with it. I don’t feel like it shows off the colors in the yarrn. Does anyone have any patterns or ideas? :help:

Perhaps a stitch that is a little smaller would show off the color better. That yarn is just gorgeous! Check here and try the woven stitch, ripple stitch or the stitch used in the Special Olympics scarf #3.

Do you knit? Perhaps something like an elongated stitch pattern would be nice. Berroco has a free pattern for it here. The only thing I would do differently is maybe not make it quite so wide.

Hope this helps.

Make sure you show us what you end up doing with that lovely yarn!


No knitting for me. I can clumsily do the basic stitches but that is about it. I often wish I were better at knitting. :knitting:

Thanks for the links. I had never been to your site before and it looks wonderful. Only one problem for me - I have to figure out the pattern!! I will have to read up about that. :oo:

You can blame Auburnchick for the Malabrigo. She talked me into the yarn!!:happydance:

A nice teardrop pattern might really show off this yarn. Here’s an example of a project that uses it. You could adapt it to a scarf.

It looks to me like that yarn coloring favors short rows instead of long ones. Crocheting rows across the width of the scarf instead of the lenght might show off the color better.

I was also thinking a small hook might help with showing off the color changes. Is that a sport/fingering/sock weight yarn? If not a smaller hook, then perhaps a smaller stitch pattern?


I agree with you 100%. Everybody has given me some great ideas and definitely much to think about.:think: