Malabrigo what can i make

hi everyone,
just received i skein of orchid malabrigo, have never used it before , what will 1 skein make? andl also is there a trick to starting the ball of yarn, it is wound in a loop and there is a tag tied around in the middle, it looks like there are a bunch of places to start and i dont want to end up with a big knotted mess, i have only used yarn that was in an actual ball, this is new to me
thanks for the help :shrug:

Don’t try to knit from it as is! It’ll get all tangled up. You first have to roll it into a ball. Lay the yarn out so that it looks like a big oval, on the bed or something. Cut the ties that are used to hold the yarn together. One of these portions will be the actual start and end of the hank. You can wind the hank into a ball with one of these ends. Just pull and wind into a ball making sure you keep the oval shape (don’t let it tangle and fold up on itself).

Here’s something on

this is where a round laundry basket sat upside down on the floor is a big help. put the hank around the laundry basket to keep it from getting tangled.

a lot of people use the back of a chair too… or the hands of an unsuspecting significant other.

I have made a feather and fan scarf with one hank. i have made hats. i have made little felted purses. i think you might be able to do a pair of mittens with it? seems like you could (i have never tried i guess)

:muah: boy have you guys cleared some things up for me, like a light bulb going off in my head lol…i had a hank of yarn years ago that was packaged this way and just thought it would have an end (same as a ball of yarn) so i pulled where I thought i should and what a MESS…endend up throwing it in the garbage after several more pulls and a ton more knarled messes.

and now I know why you would have a ball winder
the fog is clearing honestly…and thanks for the suggestions for what to make too…wonderful it doesnt look like much yarn so I am surprised that it would go so far
cant wait to get at it but first …Like the dummy I am by times I tried to vacuum out my pellet stove with a shop vac, and poof poof I now have a living room full of soot…my poor cats who used to be black and white are now black and grey and look at me with disdain, boy do I have a job today lol…but I will let you all know how I make out with the yarn
happy knitting to all!!!

yes MMMMMMMMarabrigo has a few short pieces of yarn holding the skein together
I think there were 2 pieces and the 3rd was the actual ends of the skein
it works well to wind it from a swift or laundry basket (or the stearing wheel and stick shift of my car)
if you are careful to make sure the threads of the yarn loop are lined up it unravels pretty cleanly
a twist makes it drag against hte other threads at each twist and can make for a frustrating job of it

and I actually LIKE balling up yarn