Malabrigo virgin

I just ordered my first skeins of malabrigo - two each of vermillion and purple mystery. I am SO EXCITED to get them! :woot: I can’t wait to pet them and see what all the fuss is about. I plan on making a couple scarves, and maybe a pair of mittens.

I just needed to share with people who wouldn’t think my excitement over yarn is odd… hehe! :waving:

Oh. Virgin wool.


Just wait until you get it on the needles!!!11

yay! malabrigo is AWESOME. i’m glad you get to experience it!
i knit my first malabrigo scarf on aluminum needles and it was good.
but i’m knitting a second malabrigo scarf on lantern moon needles and it unbelievably increases the blissful experience! you should try it. =)

I need to buy some Malabrigo to see what all the fuss is about, too! Do LYS carry it or must I buy it online?

I want to buy Lantern Moon needles just to set them on a shelf and stare at them! They’re sooooo pretty!

Ronda, some LYSs carry Malabrigo. Mine don’t, though, so I have to order it online. WEBS has a nice selection!

my LYS doesn’t carry Malabrigo, but, I drove to a yarn store about 45 minutes from my house and it carried some.
i found even cheaper Malabrigo at an even further yarn store. it can be hard to find. you should definitely try to call around.