Malabrigo Seleccion Privada Update--Pics in 1st post!

To add to the numerous threads of mmmmMalabrigo…here’s one more.

I ran across what I can only assume is a new collection of Malabrigo and wondered if anyone here had knit with it. It is selling for $16.00 on However, a San Fran shop has it for $10.50 on their online store.

I’ve ordered two skeins of the Cadmium, Holly Hock, and Sapphire Green colorway since my knit2purl2 order died an untimely death.

I will let you know how it turns out and post pics when I receive the yummy stuff. :woot:

Update 8/20/07

I received my two skeins of mmmmMalabrigo Seleccion Privada from Imagiknits today. They are just as soft as the worsted mmmmMalabrigo and are such vibrant colors. I don’t know what they want to be yet. I’m thinking maybe a scarf and hat set? I wanted to do Silver’s reversible IHS, but I think the yarn is too thick.

Without further ado, here is a photo:

What’s the name of the San Fran online store? I would love to order some more MMMalabrigo :slight_smile:

Oops! www.imagiknit.comThe site isn’t particularly user-friendly, but it’s manageable. What do you think you’ll order?

I’m not sure yet. Hopefully they will have some colorways that I like. I most likely will ordere more of the worsted weight & maybe 1 skein of the seleccion privada just to see how it feels…

I’m hoping it feels just like the regular Malabrigo–just dyed with a different mix of colors. Here’s hoping!! :yay:

It isn’t new… it has been around as long as I have been using malabrigo. It is actually what caught my eye first, and then the other colors and the feel…lol. It is exactly like the standard malabrigo in feel though i believe it is a yard or two shorter (i may be making that up… i am a little stuffly tonight and not thinking clearly…lol) but the colors are VERY fun. They always name them by Letter instead of color names like the other ones. I always think that color y looks like mardi gras! :thumbsup:

This is a really bad picture of a feather and fan scarf done in that autumnal colorway.

Wow! That scarf is beautiful–so autumny!

I thought the collection was new as I hadn’t seen it before, but it looks like I was wrong! A first time for everything I suppose. :roflhard:

The colors look very much like tie dye, so if I end up liking what I’ve ordered tonight, then I’m sure I’ll re-order with the pinks and purples.

Thanks for your input, Brendajos! :cheering:

ETA-- I just checked and the colorway I ordered is “Y”! And you’re right, it does look like Mardi Gras!

well you know the thing is that i don’t think a whole lot of stores have that SP color ways. I have only seen it at my LYS until you mentioned imagiknit i think. :inlove:

imageknit is not working ,it goes to KH again

Thanks for letting me know. I fixed it! :happydance:

Bump for updated pics in first post! :yay:

i love the colorway you purchased! very cheery!

Beautiful colors! My LYS just started carrying Malabrigo. I can’t to knit more projects from it.


Wow thats PRETTY!