Malabrigo Rasta & blocking

I’m a fairly new knitter (since the beginning of January). I’ve made a bunch of small projects but haven’t attempted to block anything yet because I haven’t really had to. Most projects are small things for me, a few scarves for me, dishcloths, etc.

I am currently knitting a beautiful cowl for my daughter using Malabrigo Rasta yarn. Is this particular fiber OK to block? If so, I’m guessing that I will want to block this one because the yarn has a characteristic smell to it that I think a little water and wash will eliminate.

I’ve got some Soak wash on order for when the time comes. I was reading that it can be challenging to block cowls because you end up with crease marks. Does anyone have any advice about blocking cowls?

I’m kind of terrified to do this, LOL. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

i’ve seen people use rolled up towls on the inside to fill in the empty space, sort of like putting the cowl as a ribbon on a tubular present. shows one example. a roll pillow covered in (a) towel(s) would be another idea… just make sure it’s something you can pin into, if the edges need that (that’s where just a roll of towels by themselves might be handier)