Malabrigo Question

I should probably just stop by LYS and check this one out myself, but in the meantime, I thought I would ask here. Last year I made DH a sweater out of Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride bulky. He finds it too itchy to wear, even over a longsleeve shirt. He is a bit of a princess about softness (if I am allowed to say that about my husband who I love!) The way he goes clothes shopping is he feels all the clothes then whatever is softest, he tries on. If it feels soft on and looks OK, he buys it.

So you understand his priorities.

If I make him another sweater out of Malabrigo, is there any chance it will be soft enough? (maybe I will frog the Lamb’s Pride sweater, or give it to his dad who is much less sensitive).

Ho-hum, his mom’s family is from Kashmir - I blame her side of the family for his fiber-fussiness :slight_smile:

I love lamb’s pride but i would never wear it as a scarf or anything like that… not unless it was felted. It is the mohair that makes it itchy.

I have no trouble with Malabrigo at all.


Sorry! Focusing…

I think Malabrigo is MUCH softer than Lamb’s Pride. It’s the mohair that bugs me in the Lamb’s Pride, though that may not be the case for you.

You should get some malabrigo and make something for yourself, and ask DH to feel it. If he likes it, then you can make him a sweater out of it. AND you’ve got something malabrigo for yourself.

I like the way you think!


Besides, even if DH feels it up in the hank, yarn feels different once it’s knit.

I have used both. I started making a neck gaitor with the Lamb’s Pride. I also thought it felt soft in the skein. Way too itchy once knit up though!

I have no problems wearing Malabrigo. I have not worn mine enough to tell you how it holds up, but have heard rumors of it pilling. Since it is a single ply, very soft yarn, it probably will pill some.

I just ordered 6-ply bulky from Since it is plyed, I think it might be sturdier yet soft.


That was our mistake with the Lamb’s Pride. I told him to go around the yarn store and touch EVERYTHING, and that’s how he chose the LP…though I can’t say that he wasn’t checking price tags too because he can be stingy when it comes to horses and yarn (my hobbies, fly fishing is a completely different story!)