Malabrigo Pr0n

I took a spur-of-the-moment trip to a yarn store over an hour and a half away from my house. I begged my best friend (a non-knitter) to keep me company and so he did.
It was my first time to this yarn store and they had a pretty large and decent selection all packed into a fairly small room. I couldn’t really find exactly what I was looking for so I settled on a varigated ball of Magallanes. I wanted to scan the store again but my friend had already taken a seat by the door and was grumbling impatiently. :doh:
I paid and had them wind the skein into a ball. As I was walking out I noticed a small table near the door and on it was malabrigo. I gasped and gazed hungerly :pout: at the few skeins as my friend pulled me out of the store. It was my first encounter with malabrigo!

I couldn’t stop thinking about it so, after we ate I begged him to allow me to return. He decided to be nice and wait in the car while I checked it out.

There were only a few random skeins. Some glazed carrot, indigo, sunflower, and cinibar… I was somewhat disappointed on the selection and ended up going with the cinibar. :shrug:
When I got to the counter I noticed a few more skeins on the floor. I asked the woman behind the register if they were for sale and she said yes. She also said that they had actually just recieved a whole shipment of malabrigo and she proceeded to bring out bags and bags of it from the back! SO MANY COLORS!

I ended up ditching the cinibar for Vaa and Charrua. She was so helpful and encouraging, but, I only ended up with 2 skeins and a lot of buyer’s remorse… not in the “i need to return this” way… but more along the lines of “i should have bought more.”

I took a few pictures when I got home because they are so soft and the colors are so bold and I love them.

that was Vaa (51). a beautiful blue!

that’s Charrua (239). a gorgeous combination of blues and browns. i actually didn’t see this color on the website. i feel special.

and here’s a picture of the two of them together:

i asked her about any good scarf patterns for malabrigo and she made me a copy of one that they had an example of in the store. really beautiful. she was so helpful. :slight_smile: can’t wait to knit it!

i am now an official owner of malabrigo. yarn has never made me happier. :roflhard:

You are so lucky! I called several of the yarn stores in my area and they either didn’t carry it or just plain never heard of it :shock:

The one store I didn’t expect to have any said they did so the minute I had some time, I hightailed it over there. :out:

I was so dissapointed to find that I was scrapung the bottom of the barrel – literally! They had a huge barrel of assorted yarns and I had to dig through it to find what Malabrigo was left. There were many skeins of a very strange blue and green combination – more like puce – and kind of ugly.

I did find 2 skeins of a nice blue and grey combo called Alpine something or other and one skein of Oceanus which I love.

But they won’t be getting any more in for a while cause she’s ordering for spring and summer and says the Malabrigo takes a long time to get.

Now that I have some in my hot little hands I will be taking it over to the other yarn store I go to, the one that never heard of it and letting them give it a squeeze to see if they like it and will order some. :pray:

Happy knitting!

Those are beatuiful!!! I’m so glad you’ll get to experience the Mmmmmmmalabrigo greatness!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! :inlove:

Enjoy!! :hug:

that’s Charrua (239). a gorgeous combination of blues and browns.

i think I actually have that one. It matches the embroidered flowers in my winter coat so I am going to make some fingerless mitts from it…I love the colors!

No where around me carries it… guess I need to take a trip to Richmond (Virginia) to visit the parental types soon. Maybe right after I get my tax refund :slight_smile:


oh, that’s a good idea! i should take some to my LYS and encourage them to order some too.

Hope you’re able to find it! Malabrigo is awesome stuff.

I’ve already started knitting with it and it’s SO great to work with. It’s so smooth and watching the colors change as I’m going makes everything 10 times better. :happydance: