Malabrigo online

Where do you recommend buying Malabrigo online?

Webs -, or go through one of the Webs banner ads on this site.

my MIL ordered some for me from They have a ton of colors.

This is my favorite place, although they are out of alot right now.

That’s cuz the people here wiped them out during their clearance sale. And they are getting ready to move but I haven’t heard where yet. Hope they officially notify people soon so that I know where to find them… :teehee: and i seeeeeeeeeeeriously hope it is a bigger store! :shock:

Try I BELIEVE they sell Mmmmmmmmm I know they sell other designer yarns~ :eyebrow:

I :heart: :heart: :heart: their prices…

I checked and Littleknits doesn’t sell it. I love their prices too.

Thanks for all the resources! :slight_smile:

Lambikins has a nice selection too :smiley:

Holy cow that stuff’s expensive! I had no idea yarn could cost that much.

Wandering away in shock now…

$12 for a 100 grams of hand dyed merino? Oh, you ain’t seen nothing yet. :teehee: That price for that type of yarn is considered affordable.