Malabrigo Mittens

I bought 2 hanks of Malibrigo. If I make the Rainy day scarf with one hank will I be able to get mittens with the other. Any mitten pattern suggestions for that yarn?

Check the yardage and patterns and you can get a good idea.

I’m not sure if you’re looking for adult or child size or what weight yarn you have.

Thanks. There is 215 yds so I guess I can try any worsted pattern. I think that should be enough.

What colorway is your Malabrigo?? Just nosey/curious/envious:eyes:

Post some pics and share the joy!

My yarn is Jewel blue. Looks even better than the pic on the website. Do you find the rainy day scarf is long enough?

Ooh, that color sounds pretty!! I’ll have to go check it out on their website.
My scarf is not overly long, I can’t loop it around my neck more than once. And I’m only 5’3" so it’s fine for me.

I did use 10.5 us needles instead of what the pattern called for (I think 9’s) because I wanted it a little looser.
And I didn’t block it. I wonder if I should? I was going to ask that question to more experienced knitters but it is a ribbed pattern so maybe not. :shrug:

I’m at work but can measure it when I get home.
Next time I buy Malabrigo for a scarf I plan on buying 2 hanks. I wanted to do a big, fluffy, cable pattern so 1 just wasn’t gonna make it.

My scarf on size 10.5 us needles is 53" long and 5" wide.

Thanks. That is the length the patten says. I was wondering about blocking also. I did start last night. Got about 6 ins done. Certainly feels nice to knit with.