Malabrigo Lace for Socks?

Can you use it for socks? I LURVE Malabrigo, and want to make socks for my husband, since he’s been somewhat anti-me-knitting-stuff-for-him and I want to prove to him the glory of handknit socks with the softest yarn ever. So, will it work? And can I get away with just one skein, or will I need two? Thanks, all! I know Malabrigo is coming out with a sock yarn later this year, but I just can’t wait!

I would have thought that you would have to double or even triple strand it for it to be thick enough. That being said, I not sure it is has enough give to work for socks as you want the socks to stay up hugging the leg and not be flopping around your ankle. You could always do a test one with a lot of ribbing on the leg part to see if that would work. I would also put slipper soles on the bottom, It would be a shame for Him to wear a hole in the sock.
You could also try using Regia Silk Color, I got a couple of balls of that and it is very soft and yarn made for socks.

Knit on size 0s, it will probably be fine. It’s wool, so it will have enough bounce and stretch for socks, but it is a very delicate yarn so the socks will wear out quickly. I’d grab a spool or two of a nylon thread and knit that with the yarn for extra strength. :thumbsup:

I agree with Silver. It will make fabulous socks. I made some this winter out of lace weight yarn on size 1. I also added a cable design in the cuff and they hug the ankle and fit smoothly over the entire foot. My girlfriend is in love with the pair I made for her and likes the fit. I didn’t even use a lovely yarn like Malabrigo. They also fit well into shoes without crowding the foot.

Thanks everyone! I’m going to give it a go–I’ll probably rib the whole leg anyway, as he likes that look. I knit fairly tight as it is, so I might try doing swatches on 1s and 0s and see how it looks. I bought 2 skeins of black, so I hope that will be enough! I don’t think he’ll be wearing them very often, though, as he’s in construction and a student so he doesn’t often wear dress socks, but I really want to prove to him how fabulous hand knit socks can be so he’ll let me knit him more in lesser yarn! :slight_smile:

That’s a great tip about the thread, too–can I get away with doing that just in the foot, or should I use it for the whole sock? Thanks again for all the advice, everyone!

I use the reinforcing thread just in the heel. Some also like to use it as well in the toe.

Since I was completely wrong and you can use Malabrigo lace for socks, I think I may use some of mine to try. Love the soft feel of the yarn. Silver or Plantgoddess sorry for sounding dense but could you expand on what kind of nylon thread you use for reinforcing the heel and toe. I think I will use the Malabrigo double stranded though, one strand seems really fragile to me.

Don’t worry… you’re not dense. Perfectly reasonable question! :slight_smile:

You can use just regular nylon sewing thread you find at fabric and sewing stores. It’s usually labeled for sergers. Here’s an example of what I use. I just pick it up at Joanns and there are lots of colors. You can use it in just the toes and heels, or throughout the whole sock. :thumbsup:

I use a light weight harness thread leftover from when I worked in a leather shop. I’m not sure where you would get it, but it sounds like what Silver uses would would work great. It also makes it easier to darn socks when they wear through. I darned all the ones I made for hubby for work. After a few years of wearing in workboots he would wear out the heel. I was able to take the same yarn and weave it through the nylon reinforcing thread and after 20 years we still wear them occasionally when it’s really cold.
They were made with worsted weight wool.

Sorry one more question, will the sock still have give when you knit or would it not really matter if you only use it in the heel and toe. Thanks for your help, I just love this forum always learning new things.

I have found it really doesn’t matter in the heel. That’s the only place I’ve used it and I also have so far only used it on top down socks with a standard turned heel.