Malabrigo Lace for 8.75$ started carrying Malabrigo Lace for 8.75$! There are only a few colors, but the price…

Hi KnittingNat Since you live in Israel and seem to use the internet for your yarn needs, I was wondering what companies you use and what sort of postage you pay. Do the companies you use, use the Global Priority envelopes that cost $11.00. Have seen a lot of different yarns since joining this forum, that I would not get here in the UK.

btw love malabrigo lace so far have bought six from getknitted I paid £6.00 which is nearly $12.00

Sometimes i pay 11.00$ and sometimes more. I think you better talk to members living in the UK, such as RitaW, Limey, Nobones, DQ. I think they can give some more accurate information about postage. As for the online stores i use, i used Webs ( and it was great. I also buy on eBay, from UK stores that have really good deals, sometimes with free worldwide shipping - Cucumberpatch, Artofyarn, Janette’s Rare Yarns. There’s also Laura at Quality Fibers on eBay, she carries Malabrigo and books and other different yarns for great prices and ships worldwide. She always charges the actual shipping cost and is very helpful. I wish KniPicks would ship intl, but they don’t. You can also try, they have great deals and ship worldwide. HTH