Malabrigo-Help Me Decide

I was online window shopping at little knits, and I noticed that have worsted Malabrigo. I’ve never touched it, or seen it in person, but because of all the good things I’ve read, I’m curious. The only reason I haven’t already ordered some is because I live in Texas, and a sweater made with wool yarn wouldn’t ge much use. So should I…
A) Go ahead and buy the yarn. It’s definately worth it.
B) Pass on the yarn, and use the money for something more Texas climate friendly.
C) Buy only a couple of skeins, and just make something small.

I :heart: Malabrigo! I have a few hanks of it because my lys just recently started carrying it. It’s so soft and fluffy and a dream to knit with. I just made the “my so-called scarf” pattern with one hank.
So, just buy a hank or two and make something small. I guarantee ,though, that you will be hooked. I also live in North Texas, but this yarn made practicality go out the window. :teehee:

I also love Malabrigo and have more in my stash than I care to admit. But, I should warn you that it’s single ply merino wool and while that makes it super soft and comfy, it pills very easily.

I would not recommend it for a sweater. Malabrigo works well for scarves or hats where you don’t mind a layer of fuzz. I’ve also seen it used for felting; it felts very quickly.

If you’ve never used it before and just want the experience I would say to get a hank and make a skinny scarf for yourself, or buy it to knit a gift for someone who lives in a colder area.

But, to be honest, if I lived in a warmer climate I personally would pass on it - though I say this with much bias since Malabrigo is readily available to me and San Francisco has scarf weather pretty much year-round.

4 hanks of malabrigo and going up a needle size makes for a big clapotis. wonderful to wrap around your shoulders on a chilly night ir when someone has the A/C cranked.

Oh, boy do I hate to read these posts. I just completed a top-down cardigan with Malabrigo, it was a ‘joy’ to work with and eeeek, I live in the Dallas area. Agreed, since I am somewhat of a newcomer here, I have yet to see days cold enough to require much outerwear. I have hopes, sometime soon, of leaving this area, back to a desert climate, even though warm (sometimes hot) in the daytime, it generally cools off at night. However, now and then, in our two-plus-years here there were a ‘few’ days in the depths of January something warm around the neck might be nice.

Splurge! I don’t know about the pilling of the yarn, have yet to wear and experience that, but I do know it is a pleasure to work with. Good luck on your decision. :wink:

Is a clapotis a type of shawl or wrap? Because that’s a very good idea. Thanks a bunch.

Yes, it’s a scarf/wrap. Here’s the pattern:

There is no excuse not to knit with Malabrigo. :teehee:

Make a booga bag

I vote for the Clapotis!!

I have a nice little stash of malabrigo, even got enough of one for a sweater. But then people started posting about the pilling problem and I haven’t made the sweater. I have done hats and scarves and a Clapotis sounds PERFECT. besides a Clapotis is LOTS of fun to make.

I hadn’t thought of felting it, that is a great idea too!!!

I concur! I live in Houston so I don’t “need” it, but it is a dream to work with. :inlove:

Gee, all you Texas ladies need to get together; think what fun you could have talking and knitting and wrapping up all of this Malabrigo to send to little old me in Oregon, where it IS cold enough to wrap up in merino. :slight_smile:

I will never live in a climate too warm for cashmere or wool!

Ok! After reading all your responses, I couldn’t resist ordering some.:teehee:
I ordered 4 hanks of the rich chocolate for a Clapotis, and 2 hanks of the Tuareg, just becaust I like the color. :muah: Thanks for your input.

Your response made me lol.:roflhard:

I had a lot of fun making the Clapotis!