Malabrigo hat pattern?

I just got a few skeins, and I’m trying to find a hat pattern to make with malabrigo. I’m slowly browsing through knittingpatterncentral, but, the list is rather daunting. I also am being picky, and I don’t want to make just another beanie-style hat.

Any ideas?


There is a cute, IMO, hat pattern from Misti Alpaca. It has cables around the bottom part for about 4" or so and then transitions to stockinette for the decreases of the top. They are also a quick knit on size 10’s (I think). You’d probably have to double strand your Malabrigo to get gauge.

It is a pattern you have to purchase and think there is a pic on their website.

Hope this helps.

This site has a “basic” hat recipie if you can’t find something on KPC.

Here is a great cabled hat pattern.

I also love this hat too!

Good luck!

I just made this hat and loved it! I did tweak the pattern a bit though and added 20 more stitches than the pattern called for, but it just didn’t seem like enough for me. Also, I did one less of the pattern repeats because when I started decreasing, I realized it was going to be too long. I probably would have been ok with the 5 repeats it called for, but I made my brim just a smidge longer. I will most likely make this hat again and I just love how soft it is! I’ll try to get a pic of it soon.

Thanks for all the replies! I might have to do all of them eventually.

mks22300, I think I know what my malabrigo wants to be. :teehee:

I thought that too as soon as I saw it! :teehee: