Malabrigo first timer

:cheering: I just got it in the mail and I love it already… I can’t wait to find something to knit with it (my plan was felted bag for the grape but now I hate to felt it :slight_smile: )… I ordered from Chix with Stix the velvet grape and Oceanos… :woot: its so soft… I kept reading how soft it was but couldn’t imagine till I felt it in person… Thank you Kelly!!

here are the photos…project ideas anyone? :blooby:

Ooooooooooooooh purty! :muah:

Maybe a hat and scarf???

You know, I was aghast at the thought of felting my mmmmalabrigo, but it really does make a wonderful, soft, sturdy fabric. I carry my li’l mmmmalabrigo bag everywhere I go now, and I just love to touch it. And I’m glad I have a place where I can share that and y’all won’t think I’m a freak. :roflhard:

Must add this yarn to my ‘buy it’ list. and oh Julie! :roflhard: :roflhard: