Malabrigo buyers BEWARE!

Malabrigo buyers beware : Lovely, smooshy malabrigo and a snarky sense of humor can be dangerous if mixed.

I went to a LYS with a friend who is new to knitting. She doesn’t quite know what to make of my fiber obsession. Poor girl. I showed her 2 hanks of Malabrigo Worsted I was planning to purchase. With a completely blank stare she says, “Ummm. :oo: Nice. Buttttt…what can you do with them:shrug:”.

Without hesitation I responded, “Unwind them on the bed and roll on them naked.”

My friend SHOULD be used to my witty sense of humor and they way I tend to blurt things out without fore thought, however, in my Malabrigo induced euphoria I had forgotten the other 6 people in the store. :doh:I was mortified for an instant but another equally obsessed and snarky shopper drolly replied, “Well done! And to think…I only made a scarf with mine.”


You mean people actually knit with the stuff?? :noway::roflhard:


:chair: too funny!!!

hahahahahahaha!!! That is awesome!!!

LMAO! I love it. :roflhard:

I sent DH out to buy a special storage box for mine… not sure I can actually bear to USE it:shock:

ginny/… You mean you are not going to put in the bathtub so you can enjoyed it that way.


snort I just spit out my coffee!!! too funny Chel dear…


When I was 2, my parents house-sat for a friend of theirs who had a big, super soft bearskin rug. The first time I saw it, my parents said they only looked away from me for a second, and in that time I managed to rip off all my clothes and start rolling around on it.

When my Malabrigo came from the k2p2 sale, I was definitely tempted to do the same!

:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard: No need to stop and think - that was the PERFECT response! :roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:


I needed that laugh, thanks.