Making Your Own Pattern

I have just started knitting in November, but I have been dieing to make my own pattern. How would you go about doing this? And do you think I have enough experience to do so?

A big part of my knitting is just made up as I go along.

If you want to design your own patterns go for it. Start with a basic idea of what you want to create, start knitting it with whatever features you like, and make notes on what you’re doing to create it.

There is some math involved. You’ll need to calculate number of stitches to cast on for the project, any increases and decreases needed, etc. Swatching would also be needed so you can include a gauge for the pattern.

Anyone can make a pattern, but I think experience helps a lot. Knowing the construction of garments is very important and how the different stitches work together.

I don’t know what you want to make a pattern for, but I suggest making some of whatever it is so you understand the construction and how patterns are written. Once you understand, go for it!

For some ‘designing’ is taking someone else’s work and modifying it to meet your needs or desires. Not knowing what it is you’re wanting to design it’s hard to give specifics.

I agree with Jan…experience does help. If you’re thinking about doing a scarf or dishcloth only basic skills would be needed. And, as noted, math plays a big part (the more complicated the pattern, the more calculations come into play).

Other than trial and error, and familiarizing yourself with how patterns are drafted, you might check your local library for ‘how to’ books. If you’re thinking sweater design, there are existing books that speak to the how’s and why’s of arriving at a certain finished object. (Needing to know drape, shaping, fiber qualities, etc.)

I’ve designed many items but always start from a basis of knowing construction (if I do this, with this, then this will happen). And when best laid plans don’t play out as hoped, you try again.


I think I will wait to design something (plus the fact that I don’t know what I want to design). I have a hard time with gauge and stuff, I never know what needles to use, how to read the gauge on the label for yarn, etc. So I think I need to learn more about stiches and gauge before I attempt something this big