Making Your Own Needles

Hey all,

I am looking into making my own knitting needles and was wondering about dowel sizes. Now, I have done the dirty work in calculating (or actually just googling mm sizes). I am asking someone who has had experience in making these things, have you had to use the same size dowel for a needle? For example, I am finding that sizes 3, 4, and 5 looks like they will be the same (and those are sizes I want as DPNs). I also know that precision won’t be in this case.

Any advice is appreciated.


You need a needle sizer. You can get them in local stores like Joanns or order online.

My husband made me some needles once… I hated them. No matter what we did they were just never the same smooth finish as the nice Clover Bamboo or other wood.

And now, I NEVER use straight needles anyway. I prefer nickel plated circulars.

Sizes 3, 4, and 5 are not the same, there’s .25mm difference in them which is .5mm between size 3 and 5. Are these going to be used for knitting socks? They’re a little large unless you’re going to use sport or dk weight yarn; most socks are knit with size 1 or 2, sometimes 3s. A set of skewers might be closer to 1s or 2s. But you need a needle sizer or calipers to measure them more accurately.

I use a zero for my socks. :zombie:

Hi there,

I’m planning to do fingerless gloves and don’t want to spend more $ on more needles. Lol

It’s a pattern that uses sz 4. I have sz 3 circs which if all else fails, I’ll use those with matching gauge.

I was asking because when I’m buying dowels, the size may be the same (even with the difference). I do have a gauge with the sizer (it’s missing in action though) so I’ll check out the sizer.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I’ve done my own needles and enjoy making them, but…if you’re making fingerless gloves, why not just double-knit the finger parts, if that’s what you’re making the extras for? It seems easier to me and I do that a lot.

Also, I tried the I-cord half-fingers and that worked great (picking up the ladders as two extra stitches.)

We have a KH member who used to (maybe still does) make knitting needles using old drumsticks. She then donated them to a South American girls’ charity. The drumsticks were just the right kind of wood. Not sure how she managed to ‘size’ them. Maybe she didn’t get too scientific. I thought it was such an admirable undertaking!

I can’t remember the name of the KH member.