Making-up instructions not clear - help please?

Hey all, I’m working up the sheepdog from King Cole’s 9010 pattern and really struggling with how to put the head together. Instructions on making-up are:
“Sew across the top and centre back of the head. Insert toy eyes if using and stuff firmly. Sew lower edge of head to top edge of body, gathering slightly at front
Sew seam at underside of nose. Attach toy nose if using and stuff firmly into nose. Place nose and muzzle piece on front of dog’s head so that the points are in positions as shown and cast on edge is at top of tummy panel. Sew in place neatly.”

I just cannot for the life of me work out which part of the head piece is the ‘top’ or ‘centre back’!!!

I’m putting in a picture, the longer edge is the cast-on and the shorter is the cast-off. There’s a small amount of shaping but not enough to make it into a head shape I don’t think…

Everything else makes sense, kinda, it’s just this one piece that’s really holding me back.

Any suggestions?

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
You have two pieces, the head (black) and the nose/muzzle (white).
The first part of the directions are for the head. Fold the long, cast on edge in half and seam for the back of the head. Seam the side edges to each other for the top of the head and face. I can see that seam up the front and top of the head in the pattern photo.
The second part of the directions are for the muzzle. Once you seam it, the seam goes to the underside of the nose and the points line up as in the photo. The central point lines up with the top of head seam. That may help in placing the muzzle on the head.