Making up baby garment with narrow stripes


I’m working on an all-in-one baby garment which is in stripes - 3 rows of each colour, so no possibility of carrying the alternate colour up the side. I’m thinking ahead to making up.

In the past I’ve always used an overstitch with right side facing when making up, but I would like to use mattress stitch for this, as I gather that makes a soft invisible seam, which would be good for a baby garment. But what to do about the stripes? Do I need to swap the colour every stripe, or can I use one colour all the way up (given that mattress stitch is supposed to be invisible). They are pastel colours, pink and grey, so hopefully would not be too obtrusive.

I’m currently half way up the back and have been leaving the cut ends loose, but have just been reminded of the weaving in technique so might stat to do that now to save myself so many ends to sew in. I had thought. Would use the loose ends to join the edges, but won’t need to do that if I can mattress stitch all the way up on the same colour.

Advice, please.

Welcome to KH!

The mattress stitch will work nicely and any of your colors should be fine. I would probably choose a lighter color. The yarn used to seam won’t show on the RS or at least not show unless the seam is really pulled apart.
Mattress stitch does leave a ridge on the inside, similar to a seam made by stitching with right sides facing. I like to use it whenever I can to seam.

Thanks! I’ll give it a go.