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I am about to make up my dragon animal. My question is the one you can see in the image i written on. The pattern instructions to make up the image is also sent if you need to understand my question. The question i am asking in the image might have something to do as the mattress stitch i believe is that correct? Any help would be appreciated thanks

The bits i have underlined in black on the pattern image i sent from the publisher i do not understand. This is when i am told to make up and sew the animal together. If someone could kindly explain to me all of the things i underlined in black on the image i would be grateful. I understand at some point i will be using the mattress stitch thats what i understood

Sew a line along the cast on edge by threading the yarn strand that you pointed out in post #1 through a tapestry needle and stitching. Pull the strand tightly to cinch up the cast on edge and knot it so it won’t loosen.
Use the same strand to mattress stitch seam the two sides of the body together up to the neck.
Now work on the head Use the cast off yarn strand to seam the head halfway. Leave the strand hanging loose for the moment. Sew a line along the head’s cast on edge in the same way as for the body (just stitch in and out along the edge). Pull this tightly and knot. Seam the rest of the head.
Stuff the head and body while you’re seaming them then stitch the head to the body.
Use the same kind of sewing stitch (in and out) to run a strand of yarn around the the join between white and pink yarn, and gather slightly to form a muzzle.


Thanks your advice is always accurate and helpful. You have explained it in a way i can now understand. I have managed to gather up the thread now successfully and have drawn it tightly …so far so good. I will get on with the rest of the make up instructions and get it finished in the next few days. Thanks

Hi i am having difficulty shaping the muzzel i tried it but it doesn’t quiet look like a muzzel by gathering it up. I tried pulling out the gathering thread from my first muzzle attempt to start over… but it damaged the stitches a little this was by pulling out the gathering thread from the muzzle. Also l don’t think i got the knitting tension right for the body any suggests for getting the tension right without undoing it? How do you get the tension right when making something else again? The legs aren’t even either if you look at the image.

Even tension develops with experience knitting. It’s not easy to concentrate and work on but rather something that happens with repetition. You can look at some online videos to see how different knitters tension their yarn, around a finger, around several, etc.
I’ve see stitch markers used to locate the correct placement of arms and legs. You can sometimes count sts to make sure they are evenly placed.
Is the muzzle facing forward or is it connected to the body? It’s a little difficult to see in your photo. it should be facing forward and the bottom of the head should be connected to the body. Once you have a thread stitched around it (you could even use sewing thread) pull slightly to gather. It’s just a little shaping that’s required here.

You said the picture was not clear so i have now taken a pitcture of the muzzle in close up so now you might be able to see if the muzzle is shaped correctly. This is because i have never knitted any kind of stuffed animal before so i have nothing to relate to. Also the second image is asking you weather diagram A or B is correct in terms of gathering up the muzzle. I have used white wool to gather up the stitches. I cannot take the gathered thread out and start again since i have damaged one of the stitches by trying to take out the thread of the muzzle. So what your saying if it is wrong… and only if i cant pull out the gathered thread is to use some cotton thread of any colour to try again to shape? Thanks for your help

Diagram A or B if you havent got the diagram already to gather the muzzle please

Go with the A drawing, stitching a thread around the entire muzzle. You don’t have to go in and out of every stitch, every 2nd or 3rd is probably enough. Use white thread.
My question was why the muzzle seems to be attached to the body. It should be facing forward at the front of the head (see pattern photo above post #1). Is that a bit of stuffing coming out of the left side of the head? If so and if that’s where the head is closed up, that’s where the head should be stitched to the body.

What i am thinking of doing but don’t want to regret it later so i need some advice please:

Is to do redo the entire muzzle because it looks damaged by all the stitches i was pulling on for gathering it. I think it could be best not to redo any of the pink bits that are forming part of the head if possible. So my questions are:

  1. what is the best way of undoing it so i just undo the muzzel and not any of the pink bits of the head please?
  2. where the knitting needle needs to goes in… and how to do place the knitting needle in carefully through every stitch… (when the muzzle is taken out)
  3. which side i need to start knitting from once the muzzle is undone… since you said maybe the neck is on slightly wrong so thats why i cant gather the muzzle. Do a diagram please i think please
    Yes i can undo the mattress stitch since i have done it before

The other solution could be is not to undo anything and just cover the muzzle area up with something but i am not sure what i can cover it up with any suggestions please (if thats going to be the best option)

Detach the head and body. If the head ended with knitting the muzzle and gathering the sts, undo the end and pull out the white yarn until you are one row away from the pink yarn of the head. Then insert the needle into each loop as you pull out the white yarn. That way you’re sure not to lose a stitch. It’s a bit like tinking. but your sts aren’t on a needle.

Look at the sts now on the needle. If Vs are facing you, knit them. If bumps are facing you, purl them.

The photo of the finished animal is your best guide. See that the pink head is attached to the body and the entire white area is facing forward. It will later have the nostrils placed on it.

I. Want. This. Dragon.

Maybe you can track down this issue of Let’s Get Crafting.

Hi has you can see from my image after following all of your instructions i have not managed to get the muzzle shape correct i must be still misunderstanding your instructions. I don’t think there is any point trying to undo the neck again since i have undone it three times. What can i do please to cover the mess i made with the muzzle please?

Why not knit a small rectangular scarf and tie it around the neck?

Yes how would i do a small rectangular scarf please? I have never knitted any type of scarf before not even a big or small one. There are lots of websites that are unreliable so thats why i want you to find a website link please. Therefore send a link please. You are very kind and you have worked really hard. Thanks.

Cast on sts for the width of the scarf. You can make it as wide as you want but 3-4sts should be close. Then knit every row for the length you need. Good luck finishing up!


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