Making up an animal and stuffing


When you come to make up my dragon animal what type of stitch do i need to sew it all up and could you explain the stitch in detail to sew it up. What does seam stuffing as you go mean with an animal?


This video will show you how to stuff,shape and seam a knitted toy. Stuffing as you go simply means to add a little filling into the cavity,a small bit at a time, as you seam.


Thankyou very much you are helpful. so the video you sent is using a matress stitch while stuffing up the animal is that correct?


Yes, it looks like mattress stitch in her video but she doesn’t say so specifically. I’ve used whip stitch to close a toy with good results as well. Use whichever feels easiest for you, as long as the seam is securely closed. When you’re filling a narrow piece ( dog tail or leg) that are sometimes knit flat, it’s easier to seam a
Iittle,stuff a little, seam a little… and so on, also, when seaming a longer seam( along the body length) you can sometimes create flat spots so you add a little filling as you seam to even the shape out.


I haven’t tried doing animal and stuffing before, I would love to try it. I will create one for my daughter hoping that she will like it. Thank you for sharing that video.