Making up a Rowan snowberry pattern

I just cannot understand unfortunately how to join it all together. I started by joining back and front on right side if right side is facing lying down as well as that sleeve (presume that’s what it means with right (and not other way around))
Then from neckband I just don’t get it at all - is it easy to explain to me on here or do I need to go find someone in person that can knit as haven’t knitted for like 30 years so really struggling a bit with putting it together. Oh dear and I thought it looked easy on paper!

The right sleeve is the right as you would wear the sweater. You can seam the sleeves to the back on each side along the raglan line. Seam the right sleeve to the front. Leave the left sleeve/front join open. This is where the button and buttonhole bands will be picked up.
For the neckband, pick up sts along the neck edge starting at the opening for the left front. Pick up or knit from the holder as given for the rib and then cast off.
The button band is knit from the sts on hold from the left sleeve. It’s knit first. The buttonhole band is knit from sts on hold on the left front. (Looks like a mistake in the pattern where it tells you that these sts are at the right front.) It seems to me that you’ll have to space out several button hole rows as you knit this band up to the neck.

I think you can just keep asking here as there is great help and very friendly. There are also lots of tutorial videos here and on YouTube etc
Sometimes a mix of watching tutorials and asking here helps me.

A confusing thing in knitting is making that switch from left and right side as you start to join it. As salmonmac said it is as you would wear it. I have to double and triple check which side it is when it comes to this. It isn’t be that the rest of the instruction makes more sense once you’ve got that bit the right way.

But do just keep asking if you need help.