Making toys - questions about increasing and stuffing

Hi everyone,

This is my first post here. I’ve been knitting very sporadically for the past two years or so. My latest interest is in makings some toys for my nephews and niece. So far it’s gone decently well, but I had a question/problem to ask the more experienced knitters about.

What is the best increase to use when you don’t want much of a hole in the knitted fabric? So far I’ve tried either M1A or M1L (from this website). I think either one would be fine on normal fabric, but when I stuff the little animals you can see a hole where the increase happened. The problem is especially heinous when I’m working a small number of stitches on double pointed needles. Would a KFB make a more invisible increase?

Thanks for your help!

I’ve noticed that making an increase using KFB does make more invisible increase, another thing that helps, is wet blocking. as it will help tighten the stitches a bit.

I like to use a simple backward loop increase a lot of the time, but when I tried it on a toy I found I needed to go back and sew the holes up. :frowning: I then made a toy with one of the increases where you use the strand between stitches and put it on the needle and knit it. I found that worked better. I think one of the ones you named may be that type. You need to make sure when you do one of those that if you pick the stitch up from in front of the loop that you then knit it through the back, and if you pick it up from behind that you knit it in front. That twists the stitch and closes the hole. Maybe you are doing that, but I thought I would mention it in case you weren’t.

I don’t much like a kfb anymore unless I really need it. I don’t like the bumps it leaves on the front.

I have recently made some gloves and found m1 the yarn between the stitches worked really well as long as you twisted the loop around I had no holes even when the glove was stretched out over the hand.

I don’t think I’ve been twisting my stitches when I pick up between -I’ll definitely work on that today and see if I can get it working.

I tried the KFB a little last night and it does make those bars all over the place - it’s not too bad though. I’ll also give blocking a try if everything still seems too loose.

Thanks very much!

I think the KLR/KLL is the most invisible increase and doesn’t leave a hole.

I played with a little swatch just now, and the M1 through the yarn between looks great now that I’m twisting the stitch - the KLR was really good as well. However, I think the M1 through the yarn will work best for these toys because sometimes I have to do a bunch of increases before there’s a second row to get stitches from.

Thanks so much for your help - this place is a great resource!

I’m a new knitter (and also new here) with no advice but I want to welcome you to this forum. I’m really enjoying it!

This isn’t about invisible increaes, but a stuffing hint. Lately, I’ve made a few sachets and discovered that a used fabric softener sheet makes a great casing for stuffing small projects. Just save the sheet(s) after drying a load of laundry. You don’t want them new becuse they have a scent and also they’re too stiff.

Hi Tinker and Cynamar

Thanks for the hint about the dryer sheets! That will be good to put inside of these toys since they’ll be for little ones to play with (maybe it will keep the stuffing intact for a while longer).