Making sure

Hi- still making this wrap and just need some clarification
the instructions say knit double seed stitch over 19 stitches (next part is cable for 17 st )then continue double seed dtitch for remaining 19. So when I get to 19 stitches ( double seed) I’ll be ending that portion on a purl- and starting the cable on a purl (2 purls in a row). BUT, when I finish the cable part, what do I start on to continue my double seed stitch? Knit or purl? I’m just a litttle confused.
Sorry I cant link it- or cut and paste even- my computer wont let me

You can do either a knit or a purl. The double seed st pattern is going to take a few rows before you see the boundary between the cable pattern and double seed. If you want to start with a purl to balance the purl before the cable, that would be fine. It may also help to put a marker before and after the cable, to mark the beginning and end of the seed st, at least until the pattern is established.