Making stitches?

Alright…after I stayed up last night to watch Knitty Gritty I went to bed w/a question on my mind. They were making a felted purse and doing increases. On this show, they did not do increases the way I was shown to do them (knitting front and back), but they did something they called making stitches where you picked up something between two stiches and put it on your needle. The lady said that the reason you do this is because if you did it the other way you come up w/a different stitch count? How could this be if you are still increasing the same amount of stitches??? Wouldn’t the stitch count be the same either way?

Thanks for any answers!!


I don’t know about the stitch count thing. Doesn’t make sense to me, I think you end up with the same # of stitches no matter how you increase, as long as you still have the original stitch and the new stitch. Hmmmm… :thinking:

At any rate, I would refer you to this page: The one that I believe they were referring to on knitty gritty is the M1L increase.

You don’t change the stitch count with M1 increases. That’s just silly. They are considered more invisible than knitting in the same st, but more awkward.

I think she meant that if you chose to use a different increase, it will mess up the stitch count according to the pattern… like this:

Original pattern:
k2, m1, k21, m1, k3, m1, k21, m1, k1. (52 sts)

If you changed a m1 to kfb, the pattern would need to be changed like this:
k1, kfb, k20, kfb, k2, kfb, k20, kfb, k1.

Since a m1 doesn’t use a stitch to increase, and kfb does, you would knit 1 less before each increase.

Leave it to Silver to set us straight! :thumbsup: