Making something I don't like

It’s a baby blanket, from a diagonal dishcloth pattern. It’s not the pattern, it’s the yarn I don’t like. I used LB Cotton Ease and I do not like the colors. I thought they were funky and fun (lime, muted blue, rose pink), but now I just think they’re kind of ugly. I’m close enough to finishing that I might as well get it over with. Think I’ll give it to my niece to use as a baby doll blanket.

Oh well. Live and learn!

ooh, I hate it when that happens. I’m sure your neice will get a kick out of it and will enjoy it for years to come playing with her dolls. We all do that, make things that we just don’t like. Just think of what your next project will be :knitting:

I agree…your neice will love it…my daughter has a few for her dolls that were mistakes :teehee:

I have this yarn that I LOVE the colorway … on the skein. I’ve tried knitting it up twice now and have not been happy with the way it knits up. So I frog, ball it back up and there it is so pretty! It’s all wool, so I’ve decided it might felt nicer than it knits, so I’m looking for the right project for it. Happens sometimes.

I had that happen, beautyful verigated greens knit up it’s army camo!:gah: .

I hate when that happens! I blame the store lighting.
You’re niece will love it! I still have the doll blankets my Gram knit for me over 20 years ago. I felt so grown up playing with a “real baby” blanket!

I was working on a poncho for my DGD, bad, bad, bad. Frogged it, turned it into a cute pullover. Your daughter will like the blankie, I’m sure.

Sometimes I think the yarn looks great all packaged up in the twisted hank. Then, when the go to wind it up in a cake, I’m disappointed.

I have several projects that I finished and didn’t like and they are sitting waiting to be disassembled and reknit someday. I look at them as future stash.

That happened to me big time with a skein of Malabrigo. In the hank, it looked like pink and yellows, with pink being dominant. Instead, the yellow is dominant, the pink looks orange and the orange is horrid. The biggest problem is that the yellow is leaning too much towards green and the pink is leaning to purple, so the orange is dull leaning towards grey. I’m disappointed it’s not more pink.

Fortunately, I’m knitting the scarf for my sister who looks good in pinks and yellows and she won’t care that there’s more yellow than pink or even about the presence of the orange that’s driving me nuts.

I think all yarn should have a sample worked up. You can see a hank and think it’s really cool, but then when it’s worked up it looks nothing like you thought it would. Some stores get sample pieces with their orders, but those that don’t should make sure a small square is done. I used to work on the switchboard at JC Penny (back when they had switchboards!!!). The dry goods manager learned that I could crochet, so I would sit at my desk and work up samples for the floor.

:noway: that sounds like the best job ever!!