making smaller sizes to patterns questions

Hi.:smiley: I was wondering if a person could make a hat ,blanket,sweater,socks patterns smaller sts and rows by putting not as many sts and rows they say in the patterns so that it is smaller ?:thinking: So it can fit better on different sizes If so ,How does a person figure it out ,adjust it ,calculate (do math)and do that ?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:Could a person do that with any pattern?(I just want to know if it is possible?:smile:
Any help and opinions would be nice.Thanks. :blush:


I know its possible but I wouldn’t know how to do the math. I just made a Hat and the pattern was to CO 60 but for my big head I needed 74 lol.

I would imagine it depends on the pattern because the decreases and increases would come into it. Was there a specific pattern you wanted to change?

Hi Lolly.:grinning:I dont have a specific pattern.:thinking:

You could adjust the pattern to make it smaller by knowing the gauge, stitches/inch. Measure the width you want in inches and then multiply by the sts/inch. That’ll give you the number of sts. It’s similar to the math that Mike explained for your sock pattern.
That’ll help with the cast on and width of some projects like blankets but as lolly51 mentioned, there’s also the shaping, decreases for armholes or necklines on sweaters the tops of hats etc. So adjusting patterns takes some experience and willingness to experiment.
See if books like Ann Budd’s might help:

Hi .:grinning:I was wondering if a person has to go by the pi?And the diameter for making a hat ?do you have to make a hat bigger around your head?also how does a person know that a each st is 0.33? Do you have to by fractions? :pensive: