Making Sleeves

Hi…I’m trying my first sweater. For the sleeves, the pattern reads:
Cast on 19 (19:21:23:25:27) sts… I’ve been using the second one in, so I cast on 21 st
in st-st work 7 (13:18:18:28:33) rows inc 1 st at each end of 3rd and every foll 4th (5th:5th:5th:5th:6th) row.
23 (25:29:31:37:39) sts.

I can’t figure this out! It seems the rows would go:
row 1-2: knit, purl
row 3: knit and incr (so now I’m at 22 st)
row 4,5,6,7: purl, k, p, k
row 8: purl and incr (now I have 23 st?)
row 9-12: k, p, k, p
row 13: knit and incr (now I have 24 st)
row 14-17: p,k,p k
row 18: purl and incr (now I have 25)
Obviously, I’m doing something wrong!!

You don’t begin the incs until after you’ve knit 18 rows - “in st-st work 7 (13:[B]18[/B] …) rows”, [U][I]then[/I][/U] inc in the 3rd row which would be row 21. After the first inc you would do them on every 5th row.

And also, remember that you need to increase at [I]each[/I] end of the row, that is, near the beginning of the row and near the end of the row. So each increase row increases the total number of sts by 2sts

Oh boy. Thanks so much for the help. I’m thinking a sweater may have been a little too much for me!
So for the Left and Right Fronts, the pattern read:
(13 st are cast on)

Work 13 rows dec 1st at end of next and every foll 6th row. 10 sts.

Was I supposed to st-st for 13 rows and THEN decr on row 14?
Because here’s what I did:
Row 1: knit 11 st, then k2tog (12 st)
Row2-6: st-st
Row 7: knit 10, then k2tog (11 st)
Row 8-12: st-st
Row 13: knit 9, then k2tog (10 st)
Cast off.

I’m guessing I need to start over?
Also, back to the sleeves… I’m not understanding SALMONMAC…
Why am I decr at beg and end?

“Was I supposed to st-st for 13 rows and THEN decr on row 14?”

Yep. Do things in the order they appear in the pattern. It says - Work 13 rows - that’s the first instruction, then - dec 1st at end of next and every foll 6th row - and that’s the next instruction.

And as for the inc at the beg and end of the rows, the pattern says to “inc 1 st at [B]each[/B] end.” That means at the beg and end of the row.

dec 1st at end of next and every foll 6th row. 10 sts.

Thank you all so much!

Ok…I’m confused again. I’m knitting the Left Front of a V Neck Cardigan.
The pattern says:

Work in st-st (throughout) cont until Left Front measures 14 cm, ending with a ws row.

I assume this means the last row knit is a purl row. Then I turn it so the rs (the knit side) is facing me?

Shape front edge: Work 13 rows dec 1 st at end of next and every foll 6th row. 10 sts.

Row 1: knit
Row 2: purl
Row 3: knit
Row 4: purl
Row 5: knit
Row 6: purl
Row 7: knit
Row 8: purl
Row 9: knit
Row 10: purl
Row 11: knit
Row 12: purl
Row 13: knit

Row 14: purl 11 st, then k2tog (12 st)
Row 15-19: knit
Row 20: purl 10 st, then k2tog (11 st)
Row 21-25: knit
Row 26: purl 9 st, then k2tog (10st)

But am I missing something? Because won’t my “angle” from the decreases be on the right hand side? (if I lay the Left Front down flat, with the knit side facing up). Am I decreasing to make the area around the neck? I’m just not understanding something! I feel like I should be doing the decreases on the knit side OR decrease at the beg of the row NOT the end?

Yes, finish the purl row, then start after the knit row, do 13 rows, decreasing at the (each end/both ends just one end - read this carefully) of the next row, then every 6th row until you have 10 sts. Usually the decs are all on the RS/knit row, they’re easier to do. I’d actually do 12 or 14 rows so the decs will be on the knit row. One row difference isn’t going to matter a lot. That may be the solution to where your decs should be.

Thank you so much! You are incredibly patient!

Heh, not if you knew me in real life… Somehow all my patience gets transferred to knitting, I’m not otherwise.

Hello guys and girls!
Where to start… Right i have a Sirdar Pattern 1815. I am currently just begining the sleeves. i have a set pattern of 8 rows (below) and also some more instructions after. I am doing the largest size highlighted in pink.
1st Knit
2nd Purl
3rd Inc in 1st stitch K2 [4;4;1;[COLOR=“Magenta”]4[/COLOR]], p1 *k3,p1, repfrom 8 to last 3 [5;5;2;[COLOR=“magenta”]5][/COLOR] sts, k1 [3;3;0[COLOR=“magenta”];3[/COLOR]], inc in next st, k1.
21 [25;29;31;[COLOR=“magenta”]37[/COLOR]] st
4th Purl
5th knit
6th purl
7th (inc in next st) 1 [0;0;0;0]times, k1 [4;4;1;4], p1, *k3, p1 rep from * to last 2 [4;4;1;4]sts, k0 [4;4;1;4] (inc in next st) 1 [0;0;0;0] times, k1 [0;0;0;0].
23 [25;29;31;37]

the following information:
From 1st to 8th row sets position of patt. keeping in continuity of patt as set (throughout) inc 1 st at each end of o [3rd;3rd;1st;[COLOR=“magenta”]5th[/COLOR]] and every foll 0 [0;0;6th;[COLOR=“magenta”]10th[/COLOR]] row to 23 [27;31;39;[COLOR=“magenta”]43[/COLOR]] sts working inc in pattern.
Cont without shaping until sleeve measures 6 [8;12;15;[COLOR=“magenta”]17[/COLOR]]cm ending with ws row.

  1. My first issue is do i have to increase 1st at each end on every 3 row in 8 row pattern?
  2. according to the last bit of info i have to increase 1st at each end on the fifth and every following 10th row?

If both of these issues are correct i will have reach 43 sts on my needle before I even get to the tenth row?

3 also on the seventh row there is no increases? just the pattern?

Argh help me please!!

On the 3rd row inc only in the first st, k4, (k3 p1) until the last 5 sts, then k3, inc in the next st and k1. Then no incs on the 7th row - the stitch number is the same as before. After that, inc on the every 5th and 10th row until you get to 43 sts.