Making scarf

I am making a scarf and I want the ends to be stockinette so that they
are not curly but I also wanted to alternate between garter and stockinette to give it a seed
stitch look and feel but when I switch to garter it starts to become wider than the
stockinette is this normal or am I doing something wrong? Ill check this post for a reply in the meantime Ill be in the general knitting chat

i need help please :slight_smile:

It’s normal I think, garter sts are a little wider than stockinette sts and the rows are shorter. You may have to experiment some more with different variations.

thankyou so much is there anyway of changing the width if i drop stitches?

Have you counted your stitches to make sure you aren’t adding any by accident? That’s a very common mistake.

Oh, good point Mason. Look at this thread for some ideas.

Stockinette curls - so if you don’t want it curled up, you might want to try another stitch.

Garter stitch is generally wider than stockinette, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to count your stitches as was mentioned above.

If you want a seed stitch look and feel, why not just use seed stitch? If you cast on an odd number of stitches, just K1, P1 across each row (always beginning with a K1) and you should be fine - a flat, textured piece. Plain garter stitch also makes a nice flat scarf.