Making own pattern, Sleeve question

I’ve been knitting and designing my own sweater pattern for my nephew for Christmas.

I’m talking small since he’s only 6 months old now. I choose Mission Falls 1824 cotton and Filati Fantasia Carezza Cotton to work the sweater because my SIL would likely put that on my nephew. My gauge is 18 sts/25 rows for 4 inches.

I’ve just trying to figure out the sleeve cap. I don’t like the saggy shoulders [where you sew the sleeve 4 inches down front and 4 inches down the back from the shoulder seam] so I’ve knitted the front and put in decreases at the sleeve edge as well as the neck.

Its really a minor slope, not so much a cap so it will look like those sleeves that are basically sewn to the side of the sweater… But I figure I should likely do a bit of decreases at the top of my sleeve too.

I’m just not sure the best way to do this. From what I’ve measured off a child’s garment… I need the widest part of the sleeve to be about 7 inches. So that is where it joins at the under arm seam. But my decreased area on the front x’s 2 (because I’ll repeat on the back) is only 3 inches. And I’ll have only decreased about 6 sts into the front and back. Works out to about 1/2 inch in from the side seam.

So would I basically knit to the 7 inches width and then do a few rows of decreases in similar fashion to how I did the decreases on the front? Then basically I’d sew the ‘extra’ onto the side of the front and back. Then do a simple seam and close the sleeve and front and back in one seam?

I don’t know if I’ve been clear enough… Sigh!

If not… I’ll likely just try anyways!


Thanks Jan.

I’m going to try and finish up the sleeve I have on the needles. If I was better at computer graphics I might try and draw out what I mean. Err, make that better at drawing!

I need to knit the backs before I can see if my idea works or not. Either way… I’ll ‘publish’ what I came up with.