Making One (Increase)

I am a bit uncertain about the M1 increase.:wall: I have looked @ the video’s (thank you so very much); and am using the M1B stitch for my increase on a beret.

When I get to my next row, there seems to be a hole where I have made the M1B. :?? Should I be using another increase stitch instead?

Thanks bunches,

Are you following a pattern? Does the pattern suggest that you M1? If so, if you want your finished item to look like the pattern, then it’s probably best to stick to M1.

There are other ways to increase, such as YO (yarn over) and knitting into the space between the two stitches, but each increase has a different look.

[COLOR=Blue][B]thank you. yes, I am following a pattern. it does call for M1 but it doesn’t say anything more. I see in the video’s that there are around 4 kinds of M1’s eeeeeeeek. I am getting confused!

Thanks again,

You can use just one of the suggested M1s, the m1b is fine. Just be sure you knit into the back of the yarn you pick up so it’s twisted; that’s what keeps it from making a hole.

[COLOR=Blue]Thank you. I think (after watching all the videos); that I am not twisting correctly. Thank you for your advice!!