Making knitting markers

Hi all :smiley: . My Mom is really into jewelry making, beading, etc…, and always looking for something to make me. I suggested decorative knitting markers, and showed her a web site with examples. She is concerned that the markers may get tangled in my yarn (especially if she uses little metal loops to attach beads, etc… or uses small rings similar to key chain rings). Has anyone had probs with markers? Do you think her concerns are valid? I’d love to have some special markers with cool charms/beads .


I don’t think they would necessarily get “tangled” in your yarn, but they could potentially snag your yarn if they’ve got sharp or otherwise not smooth edges. That would certainly be a pain in the two-cheeks :wink:

that would be something really cool to have; I agree! :cheering:
My mum is all crafty and such but unfortunately not with beads…

But I don’t really have an answer to your question; I just know I have seen them before, also online, made with little metal hoops and beads and such so I would think that in general it will work.
Maybe to be on the safe side, your mum might try to tuck away the ends under a bead or charm or pay extra attention that where the wire ends meet, they are lined up so they have less chance of catching on anything.

just my two cents though, since I haven’t actually made any myself.


DD makes and sells her own jewelry. She is making me a couple markers with the lobster claw clasp to see how they work with beads dangling on a headpin. If you use a jump ring, I don’t think it would cause a lot of problems. The memory wire that is just a ring with beads like they have on Glampyre (I think) looks as if it would snag. But I’ve been thinking about soldering that kind to close the ring and make it snag free. (Yes, I even know how to use a soldering iron. Junior high shop class taught me something.)

I use charms on jump rings … the spiral around kind … i don’t know what they are called… as place markers. I have one with flip flops and sun glasses, a purse, and some high heels. I loved the charms but don’t like to wear necklaces or bracelets … so … when I started knitting i had a good reason to buy them. I love getting to the marker and the way it looks on my piece!

I made several of these for myself, different colors so I would know which side of circular knitting was the right and which was the left. I put them on small rings like the key chain type and used the straight pin putting a small bead on first, then the colored bead, followed up by another small bead. You then circle the pin around the ring and trim back. Works wonders, except for the day I knit it thru a stitch and had to fanagle it out! I really like them.