Making knit smaller

please can you tell me if i change the needle size of my knitting
will the ie. jumper or what ever i am knitting come out smaller ?
mabe change from knitting in a 8 uk to a 10 uk or do you have to change the amount of stitches . this is double knit wool.
thank you :knitting: :knitting: :knitting:

You can change needle sizes, but if the yarn is too thick for the smaller needle it may be too stiff and not change the size. Is there a smaller pattern you can follow?

no the pattern only goes to size 17inches i wanted it to go to about 15 or 14 inches do you know how i could get it that small . :knitting:

Need a little more information - What are you making, what yarn are you using, what yarn does the pattern say to use, how many stitches are you supposed to begin with, how many sts per inch (or per 10cm) are you getting with your yarn, etc…?