Making it smaller.... smaller needles?

I’m finding that most of the booties I’m making are coming out way too big. I have read some of the posts with all the complicated math…

So maybe this is a stupid question, but why can’t I just make them with either finer thread or smaller needles or both, to make them smaller? I understand the need for the math if I wanted to use a different yarn to get the same size, but… I want to make them come out smaller…

AGAIN, many thanks!


You can do just what you said. Different size yarn and/or needles. In my opinion a pattern is a guideline to be used to help us accomplish the the fiber art we want.

I know you want a bootie that has the ankle tie. If you find a pattern that is just perfect but doesn’t have that you can even add a row or change a row to yo, k2tog, all the way around. Your stitch count will stay the same and you will end up with your ‘eyelet’ area for your tie to go through.

Thank you! I will do just that!