Making heel of sock

I am attempting to make my 1st pair of socks, now I’m confused about the “making the heel” part. According to the pattern it says to “work back and forth” until heel measures desired length. Then it has the “shape the heel” part that says after each completed row to “turn” before starting the next row. What is “working back and forth” and “turning”? Is there any good videos (free to view on the internet) that could show me how to do this? :???:

There are several very good resources:
check out this video (near bottom of page) from Knittinghelp:

Then there is, there are good videos there and then, of course, there is silver’s site at

Hope those help…

This is one of the best “learn to knit socks” tutorials around.

Working back and forth is what you normally do when you are working flat (rather than in the round).
Turning is what you do at the end of a row. You put the left needle in your right hand and put the needle in your right hand into your left hand to start the next row.

I know when I knit my first pair of socks the ‘turn’ part was kinda confusing because you turn the work around before you complete the row. This will shape a heel. It just feels wierd to stop before the end of the row that you’re working on and turn it the other way.
hope this helps. I learned from the Silver’s Sock Class. Excellent instructions.