Making hats with KPO

Sorry…I know that there is a l-o-n-g interchangeable thread, but I couldn’t seem to find the answer to my question.

For those of you who own KPO, what method do you use for smaller projects, like hats? Do you use 2 circs or magic loop?

What are KNO? :??

Oops, meant KPO (I’m spelling challenged today)

Ohhh, hehe.

I made a hat on my Options using two circs. I only have one set of tips, so I put one each of the correct size (10.5) on each cable, and then I used a size 7 or something like that on the other end. In that case, you always need to knit on to the correct size and off the smaller size.

I make hats and sleeves using magic loop, but socks with 2 circs…

it’s all preference.

Thanks ladies.

I’ll get my current projects on Denise’s done and then…I’ll do it! I’ll order my KPO.

I made a hat with my 47" Options cable using magic loop, but they don’t make a cable short enough to make hats normally, unless you want to use tiny needles. :shrug:

I made a hat using Options with a 24" cable. Another KH user, suzeeq, mentioned using a technique similar to Magic Loop where you only pull out one side of the cable, at the beginning of each round. Eventually I switched to full Magic Loop to complete the decreases. It worked great! :smiley:

Yep, it do work very well! :cheering:



I love my Options but for hats, smaller round projects, etc. I end up back with my bamboo DPNs…it just goes a lot faster for me.