Making hair for dolls

Hi All!

This is my first post here and I need a bit of help.

I have been making a knitted toy based on a character from a TV series. I basically adapted a toy pattern I already have by changing colours etc but I have got to the hair and I made the hair pieve suggested in the pattern but it didn’t look right so now I am stuck. I dunno any other way of making hair.

Let me know any suggestions. I am desperate.

I will post a picture after a couple more posts… I need 2 or more posts before I can post links >.<

Next post will hopefully contain a picture of the character >.<

Well, what method did you use to get the first piece done. I’d think that you could get away with doing fringe for hair.

Gosh, that looks like an anime cartoon that my son would watch (he hates it when I call them cartoons - he is 18).

I think I’d try tieing lengths of yarn (2-3 at a time) around the head - like this one:

Here are some other ideas:

Try one of Marilyns listed methods and then trim it to about the shape you want. You’re not going to get it exactly like the cartoon doll, but it should look enough similar it will be fine.