Making Glove Fingers

I am stuck! This is the first time I am making gloves. I am an advanced beginner.
I am beginning the pinkie and the instructions aren’t clear to me. I have a total of 13 stitches to make the little finger. How many needles do I space these 13 stitches over to create a seamless pinkie? :grphug:

Three needles for the stitches and one to knit with. Good luck - I never knit gloves b/c I hate doing the fingers!

I always use four needles, find there is a little more room and in the case of 13 i would put 3 st on 3 needles and 4 on the fourth, knit with the fifth. is easier to use wood or bamboo for this as they are less likely to slide out of your stitches.

Either way on 3 and knit with a 4th, or on 4 and knit with a 5th. I suppose wood or bamboo would be great, but I have gotten along fine with aluminum needles. They don’t want to fall off as much as you’d think. I like using 4 needles over 5 myself, everyone has a personal preference. They make some special little short dpns that are ideal for fingers. I saw some in bamboo at a yarn shop. They would be very nice.