Making Fringe?


Does anyone know how to make fringe using a cereal box? I heard about this. I’m not quite sure how you get the length you need. I just heard that you use a standard cereal box.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


You can use any cardboard that is about the length of the fringe you want. You would cut a cereal box so you use only one of the larger sides. Wrap the yarn around the wide side of the box several times and cut along one the edge of one side. Do this for as much fringe as you need. This is probably the easiest way I’ve found to do it!

Thank you, I think I will cut my box and practice with some scrap yarn.


I did it with a flat piece of cardboard- I imagine it’s the same process. Basically you just wrap your yarn around and around the box until you have enough wraps to equal the amount of fringe you need. Then you cut at the top and bottom (or maybe just one or the other if you want really long fringe).

Thank you Abbily,

I appreciate the info.


I use a hardback book which is the right size - there’s a nice little indentation where the pages are which make cutting the yarn easy.

When using to book, could you explain how to do this? Should I cut at the top and the bottom of the book and fold the yarn in half? Also if the my fringe needs to be 8" should be book be at least 17" to allow for the knot once the fringe is added to the knitted piece?

Or you could use an 8" book and only cut at the top.

That’s an idea.

I need to practice with some scrap yarn and see what works best for me.

Yes, I would only cut at the one end. A book is a great idea, but make sure that when you wrap your yarn it measures 8" before you cut a whole bunch. Don’t worry about it too much, it’s a lot easier than it looks!