Making edges match?

When making two pieces of knitting with sloped edges, is there a way of increasing so that both pieces turn out the same? The slopes are both on the top edge but go the opposite way to each other (so that they would form a “valley” if joined at the front). I’m finding if I use the same increase method on both pieces (“right leaning” KFB and left leaning KFB, cast on 1 and cast on 1 with backwards loop etc) that one edge will be more taut/floppy than the other. I’d prefer something not too taut or floppy and both to match, however! Is this possibly a problem with my technique or something else?

There are several good YouTube videos for ways to do matching increases. Here are 2 good ones:


Thanks very much, I’ll check those out!

I couldn’t really find anything there that answered my question, unfortunately. I’ve uploaded a rough diagram of the shapes I’m making - they’re supposed to match but I’m having trouble getting the increased edges consistent. Is this going to be a case of using a different increase method on each piece?

I tend to like the lifted increase (KLL. KRL) but they aren’t precisely mirror images.
Are the increases on the very edge or one or two sts in from the edges?
Are the increase edges going to be part of a seam?

They’re going to have another part sewn on so they will be seamed (thinking of using mattress stitch). Some rows need two increases near the edge, but those are spread out as much as possible across the edge. I’ve been doing kfb on the edge, wondering now if it’s better to alternate between doing it on the edge and just inside the edge.
Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
Edit - found the best way to get what I want is to use backwards loop cast ons. Not 100% perfect but a massive improvement!