Making DPN's - Need more dowel sizes

I decided to make my own dpns and I am excited to say it is working. I only found dowels in size 3, 7,9, 10 10 1/2 and 11. I am so grateful for Amy for teaching us how to make our own needles on her website/CD. If anyone has info on where to get other size dowels, please let me know. I went to craft stores and Home Depot. I was thinking of looking at an art store.

I am so excited about all the money I saved :cheering:

the hobby lobby stores around me always seem to have a lot of dowel rods in different sizes but i have never tried to see how they would size up for needles.

Thanks :smiley:
I went to Hobby Lobby but I haven’t gone to Michaels or JoAnne’s yet. I think I will just keep my needle sizer checker in my pocketbook and constantly check dowel sizes as I am traveling around.

I am on a knitter’s mission :thinking:

I made some after watching Amy’s video, too. SUCH a sense of accomplishment! :cheering:

We have no local crafts stores in my small town, and our Home Depot was very limited in their selection of sizes. I tried another local lumber company and found a much better variety of sizes there.

Oh, a neat tip; I was in Sally’s Beauty Supply last week [size=2]picking up hair color[/size] :blush: , when I noticed cuticle sticks (called orange sticks?) on the counter. I picked up a handful since they were cheap. I measured them when I got home, and half were size 5’s and half were size 6’s. I’m going to take my needle guage with me next time, and pick up enough of both sizes to complete both sets. They’re already pointed on each end, so I figure it will take very little sanding to get them ready to use as dpn’s. :thumbsup:

FABULOUS IDEA!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Aw shucks. :blush:

I’m going to have to take a trip to Sally just so I can make more DPN’s :slight_smile:

I always have my needle checker thingy with me. Ya never know. I once went into a hooby store that was for mineature train model enthusiasts and they had round, square, you name it dowells. When I went in they only had bigger sizes (like 10, 13, etc) and the man behind the counter said they would be getting more soon. I haven’t gone back though. I have no idea why I went in, in the firts place. :rollseyes: