Making crochet loops

Hi…I have knitted a child’s hat that calls for crochet loops to be added at theThe 2 upper corners. The pattern says “with a crochet hook and the yarn, pick up 1 stitch at the top corner of either seam. Chain 10, then slip stitch into the corner. Repeat 12 times.”

I don’t know how to do this. I know how to chain but how do I pick up 1 stitch? Any help is appreciated.


Someone is a knitter and a crocheter. You don’t technically “pick up” a loop in crochet. You attach one. So attach your working yarn with a slip stitch into the corner stitch, do your chain then slip stitch into the same stitch again to make that loop. HTH

Ok, so how do I attach the working yarn with a slip stitch into the knitted corner stitch? I’m sorry if I sound so dumb.

Anne … what your going to do is : make the stitch on your hook as if your going to start a chain. do this first stitch, insert hook thru the stitch on the project your making, yarn over to bring it back thru the stitch and pull it right on thru you chain stitch. chain the 10 like you would do for a chain row. insert hook thru the next stitch of your project, yarn over bring it the yarn again thru both looks … and continue this til it is done.
I hope that is clear for you.

basicially what your doing is just making a chain around. but your insterting the hook into the project then complete the chain up loop as if you just chaining…

I will try again…I seem to have a problem inserting the crochet hook into my knitted stitch and pulling thru…thanks so much for the help

Anne, How did you do with it. I am really sorry I did not get back in here til today.
I was wondering if it came out ok? for you ???
Also I had forgotten to ask what size hook it called for?? I noticed that you were having trouble inserting the hook … depending on the size it called for you could go down a couple of sizes to do it with.
For example if the pattern said to use a H you could use a F instead??? ok…
again I am sorry I am just getting back in here …