Making bobble HELP!

Hi all,

this is making the sweater.

I just have a simple question. the instruction call to make bobble.

K1 TBL, k1, k1 tbl. turn p3, turn k3, turn p1 p2tog, turn, k2tog, slip this last st over next st that is worked.

Question: after i k2tog, I have one st of this contrast color. where am I getting this extra st to slip over, if i K1 then slip it over, I am down 1 st. I stated out with 73 and now have 72, but decreasing st is not in the pattern since I have to make 3 of these bobble. how can i do this and still have 73 st on needle. (may have to copy and past link)

The key is in the directions for making the bobble:
MB (make Bobble)[U]pick up
loop before next st[/U] and [k1
t.b.l, k1, k1 t.b.l], all into it,
turn, P3, turn, K3, turn, P1,
P2tog, turn, K2tog, slip this
last st over next st that is
You’re picking up the loop before a st and working the bobble into that loop. So in order not to increase one stitch, you pass the k2tog at the finish of the bobble over the next k1 stitch. Your stitch count will remain the same.

Ok, so after i knit k2tog. Knit1 and slip the k2tog over it?? I took some extra yarn to pratice, but am not sure if it’s the way am picking up the loop but i keep getting a hole, I knit through the back .

The bobble is going to begin like this although of course, you’ll continue with the extra ki, ktbl into that loop that you pick up (3sts out of the picked up loop). It may leave a small hole because of the way you stretch the loop to get 3sts into it but it’ll be covered by the bobble.

Thank you, you r always such a bigh help:thumbsup: